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Truepill delivers your NHS prescriptions to you for free. Find out how…

We’re a new service that helps you easily manage your medicine.

We’ll deliver your prescriptions to your home – 100% free.


Get your medication in sync​

Save time

Order whenever you need your medication

Signing up with Truepill is simple.

There are no tricky steps – anyone who can use a computer can sign up in minutes.
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It’s safe and secure.

Looking after your sensitive data is our number one priority. And once you’ve entered your information, you can safely manage everything online. No need to call or send forms through the post.

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Get your prescriptions by post.

Truepill saves you time – no more standing in line at the pharmacy. Delivery is fast and free – we’ll deliver to the address you choose, and it won’t cost you a penny.

Get your medication in sync.

Get everything you need at the same time. No need to remember which medications are arriving on which days.

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Easily manage repeat prescriptions.

No need to keep going back to the chemist for repeat prescriptions. Once you’re all signed up for Truepill, you simply receive your prescriptions at home.

Help the NHS.

Getting your medication from Truepill saves the NHS money. Because it’s cheaper for them to use us than big pharmacy chains. What better way to support our hardworking NHS?
Dennis - Superintendent Pharmacist

Dennis Ouko

Superintendent Pharmacist

It’s great to know that we are providing a useful service to so many people and helping the NHS during the difficult times.

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